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Dust Control and Air Handling Systems


Foust Metal Works, Inc.,  has specialized in dust control systems for the woodworking industry since 1957. Over the years, we have installed hundreds of wood dust collection systems, filtration systems and storage bins. Our designers use past experience as a guide and incorporate the latest technology into the design and engineering of a total system.

Our Mission.......

Our ability to meet individual customer requirements has allowed Foust Metal Works, Inc. to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Repeat customer business is the foundation of our company.


Our experienced designers work closely with customers to engineer a system that incorporates the most efficient use of existing and new equipment.  These designers are involved throughout the project, from planning to start-up.  We draw upon years of experience to custom design and install an energy-efficient system that will best suit our customer's needs.


Under the direct supervision of designers and project managers, our skilled craftsmen custom fabricate system components in 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Modern sheet metal and steel fabricating equipment is used to provide system components of the highest quality.  The latest computer systems and software assist engineering, inventory, scheduling, accounting and cost control.


Our experienced installation crews use truck cranes, mobile lifts and other specialized equipment to install components of our custom designed systems. Our crews work as a team with project designers and the customer to insure a satisfactory job, on time, and with a minimum of customer product interference.


Custom Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication - Bag Filters - Cyclone Separators - Storage Bins - Exhaust Fans - Rotary Valves - Switch Valves - Exhaust Hoods - Return Air Dampers - Exhaust Piping - Transition Fittings - Angle Rings - Elbows - Spray Booths

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